Each quiz set comprises

12 question General Knowledge round
12 question Sports round
12 question TV & Film round
12 question Connection round
25 celebrity Picture round
30 track Music round - name title & artist
Quiz answer sheets


So how does this work then?

The 4 Question rounds can be printed out or you can just view the questions & answers on this site.
The Picture round can be printed off as a single page.
Alternatively give out a code for this website which allows quizers to view the pictures on their phones.
For the Music Round you will be given a special Youtube url which will give you a 30 track playlist.
Plug your phone into your sound system and play as much of each track as you want. You can view the Titles & Artists on this site.
You can add your venue name and print off personalised answer sheets.
Use each quiz as many times as you like.


So what does it cost?

A single Quiz Set is £1.50.
Get 5 Quiz Sets for only £5.00.
Don't spend hours and hours seting up your quizzes - buy them from us instead.
Try before you buy. Register and get a Quiz Set completely free.