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Music Round of 30 Tracks - Name Title & Artist
Quiz Answer Sheets
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Picture Quiz

General Knowledge
1 Which country has the hugely security conscious airline El Al  
2 The week before Easter Sunday beginning with Palm Sunday is called Holy Week. What is the week from Easter Sunday to the following Sunday called  
  The Octave of Easter  
3 Who became President of the United States in 1963 after the Mafia assasinated John F. Kennedy  
  Lyndon Baines Johnson  
4 Who had a horse called Beaucephalus  
  Alexander the Great  
5 Which country claims sovereignty over Easter Island (or locally Rapa Nui or in Spanish Isla de Pascua) about 3700km west of the South American coast  
6 Which company built the WWII Spitfire  
7 How many claws does a domestic cat have  
  18 (5 on front paws & 4 on back paws)  
8 What does a twitcher watch out for when he's not peering through bedroom windows  
9 Porcine is the adjective for which delicious animal  
10 Which arm and which eye did Nelson lose  
  Right, Right  
11 What is the Gravelly Hill interchange better known as  
  Spaghetti Junction  
12 In the world of cameras what does SLR stand for  
  Single Lens Reflex  

T.V. & Film Titled Game Shows
1 Which ITV Quiz show is hosted by Bradley Walsh?  
  The Chase  
2 ITV's Tipping Point is hosted by whom  
  Ben Shephard  
3 Name the 6 presenters 'Countdown' has had since the dawn of time.  
  Richard Whiteley, Des Lynam, Des O'Connor, Jeff Stelling, Nick Hewer & William G Stewart (2000th edition)  
4 Name the 4 presenters of Blankety Blank  
  Terry Wogan, Les Dawson, Lily Savage & David Walliams  
5 Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman host which pointless BBC quiz show  
6 Which completely useless box show is completely uselessly hosted by the completely useless Noel Edmonds  
  Deal or No Deal  
7 On which Game show did we enjoy Anne Aston struggling to add up 2 plus 2  
  The Golden Shot  
8 Who has presented 15 to1  
  William G Stewart, Adam Hills & Sandi Toksvig  
9 Who is the latest host of Mastermind  
  John Humphrys  
10 Who Originally hosted Blockbusters  
  Bob Holness  
11 Who hosted A Question of sport from 1970 to 1978  
  David Vine  
12 Which passive smoker stood in for Bruce Forsyth in 1975 on the Generation Game  
  Roy Castle  

Sport Titled Places in the U.K.
1 Who in his clogging days was sent off whilst playing for Tottenham Hotspur in the 1999 Worthington Cup Final  
  Justin Edinburgh  
2 Who was the coach of the England Rugby Union team from 2011 to 2015  
  Stuart Lancaster  
3 Which former England cricket captain and current Sky commentator played 117 tests for England scoring 18 test match centuries  
  David Gower  
4 Who scored the winning goal in the 1979 FA Cup Final for Arsenal  
  Alan Sunderland  
5 Which Scot won the 100 metres Men's Olympic sprint title at the 1980 Moscow Olympics  
  Alan Wells  
6 Which darts player who was runner up in the 2012 PDC World Championship is nicknamed 'The Hammer'?  
  Andy Hamilton  
7 Which British racing driver and Knight of the realm, born on the 17th September 1929 is often referred to as 'The best driver never to win the World Championship'  
  Stirling Moss  
8 Which legendary trainer, who died in 2012, was in the corner for all but two of Muhammad Ali's fights  
  Angelo Dundee  
9 Which tax dodger won the Derby on nine occasions and was champion jockey 11 times during his career  
  Lester Piggott  
10 Who, on 30 January 2002, was awarded the accolade of "Britain's Brainiest Footballer" in a television quiz  
  Clarke Carlisle  
11 Which Welsh rugby league legend Billy scored 478 tries for Wigan between 1953 and 1968  
12 Which Nick won two swimming Olympic medals for Great Britain at the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games  

Connection The Plant World
1 What can follow milk and rag in the plant world  
2 The loganberry is a cross between which two gorgeous fruits  
  Raspberry and Blackberry  
3 What is the Taff's favourite food Laverbread made from  
4 Which plant's scientific name is Impatiens  
  Bizzy Lizzy  
5 What is a prickly pear a type of  
6 Why is the grapefruit so called  
  Grows in grape like clusters  
7 What is another name for the Lime tree  
8 Which cowardly King reputedly sought refuge in an oak tree  
  Charles 2  
9 What colour is the blossom of the blackthorn  
10 What is a morel? They come in black, grey and yellow varieties and are delicious to eat  
11 Which grain is used to make every kid's favourite school pudding semolina  
12 Name the region of Argentina where Gauchos look after beef on the hoof for us  
  The Pampas  

Music - Artists start A

1 No 2 hit
1 No 1 hit
5 No 1 hits
1 No 2 hit